How do I know if I win any of the Winloot sweespakes games?

All Winloot winners are contacted by email from

Any other emails you receive, such as those from, will likely mean that you are eligible to win a particular prize but it does not mean that you are a winner.

We will never call you or try to contact you via Facebook.  If anyone calls or reaches out to you through Facebook claiming to be from Winloot, you can report them directly to Facebook to us by messaging our Facebook page and we will report them.  If anyone calls you claiming to be from Winloot, please send us an email at providing as much detail as possible including the number they used to call you and if what they said.  

In order to better protect our members, we offer several guidelines to help you identify genuine Winloot notifications and some things you can do if you believe someone is trying rip you off at our Consumer Protection page below:





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