Do I win anything if I only match a few numbers in a game?

In order to win one of the 30 Winloot games, you must match all the winning numbers for that particular prize.

However, we also have a Guaranteed Daily Prize in which you get earn entries for each game you play as well as bonus entries for each matching number.  Each day one winner is selected at random from among all entries from the previous day.  

In addition, you can also play our Instant Win Bonus game up to 65 times a day.  Select 10 numbers and if you match 8 winning numbers you win $10.  Match 9 winning numbers and you win $100 and if you match all 10 winning numbers, you win $5,000. 

So even if you don't match all the winning numbers, you're still in the running for a prize each day on Winloot.


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